Japanese Typing

For Computer:

1. Toggle your Input Method Editor (IME) with “Alt + Tilde (~)”.

2. For Romanization: "a" = あ, “ko” = こ, “re” = れ. Note:

 - To get ん, type “nn”.

 - For small vowels like ねぇ, use “l” or “x + vowel” (e.g., “la” or “xa” for ぁ).

 - For っ, type a double consonant (e.g., “kitto” for きっと).

3. Convert Hiragana to Katakana with “spacebar”. For Katakana input, use “Ctrl + Caps Lock”.

4. For Kanji, type the word in Hiragana and hit “spacebar” for suggestions.

For Mobile Phones:

1. You can type using both Kana and Romanization keyboards.

2. On a Kana keyboard, each key has multiple letters. Tap to cycle or hold and slide to select.

3. "改行" is Enter, "空白" is Space.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Enjoy typing in Japanese!

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