Glides (ようおん: Yoon)

In Japanese, there's a unique way to combine consonants with the sounds /ya/, /yu/, and /yo/. This combination forms what's known as a "glide" or in Japanese, "Yoon" (拗音).

What's a glide?

Imagine merging two sounds into one single, smooth sound. For instance, the sounds /ki/ and /ya/ can be joined to create the glide /kya/. In Japanese writing, this is shown as きゃ.

Examples of glides:

* きゃ (kya), きゅ (kyu), きょ (kyo)

* しゃ (sha), しゅ (shu), しょ (sho)

* ちゃ (cha), ちゅ (chu), ちょ (cho)

* ... and several others!

It's vital to remember that these glides are a SINGLE syllable, not two. For clarity:

* きゃ is "kya" (1 syllable)

* きや is "kiya" (2 syllables)

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