All the skills necessary to pass the JLPT can be obtained here.

Here’s why my 10 minutes per day study plan makes you successful …

Our quick lessons are designed to flexibly fit into your busy schedule.

With the teacher’s support, you won’t be left behind

The JLPT All-in-One course is a bundle of 5 specialized courses

☑️Complete JLPT Grammar Course
☑️JLPT Listening / Reading Practice Course
☑️JLPT Practice Question Course
☑️JLPT Mock Test
☑️JLPT Learning Package

This comprehensive package covers all aspects of JLPT studies.


☑️Daily personalized support via email
☑️Daily homework correction and feedback

JLPT prep for 10 minutes a day.

All JLPT courses are broken into daily lessons to maximize your efficiency.

Learning flow

1. Each day you’ll receive an email regarding on what lessons you’ll be studying that day

2. Submit homework

3. The teacher will give you feedback 

4. Don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding the lessons and feedback 

*If you study according to the daily support emails, you can expect to complete all the basic content of the course in about six months. However, the pace of your learning is entirely up to you.

With 20 years of professional experience, Chika Sensei will correct your writing!

Examples of Feedback

*The teacher will give you feedback in coherent English and Japanese 

In addition to submitting your homework, I highly recommend that you ask questions to clarify any doubts or misunderstandings. For example, you might ask, 'How do you pronounce this in Japanese?' or 'What’s the difference between these two words?' As your teacher, I am always here to help and support you in your learning journey.

Get in the flow of daily Japanese lessons with Chika Sensei!


(Until April 30)

By enrolling in the JLPT All-In-One course today, you can receive the new material for “The complete guide to Conditionals と/たら/ば/なら” as a special bonus!

With this complete guide, avoiding conditional expressions mishaps is made simple.

This exclusive bonus is only available until April 30th.

Voice of Our Students

"The courses give you a sense of making steady progress."

I have really enjoyed this (and other) Chika Sensei's courses. They provide nice balance between grammar with multiple examples, listening, reading, and vocabulary building, and each unit has a brief test to check your understanding, with timely feedback from the teacher. The content is broken down to small lessons that can be completed at the end of a busy day and give you a sense of making steady progress. I look forward to continuing with the next levels of the JLPT with Chika sensei in the future!

-Sylvie | USA

"A must for those of you out there that struggle to keep up. "

I've been to different program or forms of learning japanese language, and as the pandemic kicks in I then started to try out online learning. And I bumped into this course as I was searching online for easy and effective ways of learning, The concept of learnig daily for at least 10mins is one thing that interest me, as I'm so busy and couldn't sit in a class for an hour or so.... I like the style of being task to do a simple homework everyday and being checked by the teacher everyday too., somehow it keeps my motivation to continue learning. And even though I miss a day or two I get constant reminder through email for the lesson that I should be taking up, that's really helpful.

I can definitely say that this platform helps me a lot. A must for those of you out there that struggle to keep up. In addition the way the lesson are formated is very well thought. Kudo to you Chika Sensei.

-Glyzel | Philippines
"All of this is provided by Chika Sensei."

Trying to learn a new language is always a difficult challenge. Especially from eastern for us, westerner. It has to be progressive, clearly sequenced, carried out on daily bases with back and forth on your work. And with a good teacher and some interaction. All of this is provided by Chika Sensei. That is not an easy journey but so interesting, do it in a good company !

-jean-pierre Armangau | France

For learning JLPT, trust Chika Sensei and this study course to guide you to success!

Why choose our course?

The course covers all the JLPT subjects
This course includes Grammar, Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, Kanji, plus Mock Tests and Practice Questions, all provided to prepare you for the JLPT exam. It is ideal as the main material for JLPT study.

Simple lesson
To accommodate even the busiest individuals, each lesson can be completed in about 10 minutes. Lessons are structured to make studying as simple and efficient as possible.

Easy to keep up
The daily "Study-Support" email will guide you on which lesson to study next and in what order. You just need to follow the instructions. If you're looking for a motivational boost to maintain daily study habits, this is an excellent method.

You are not alone
A professional teacher will immediately correct your homework. If you have any follow-up questions, you can ask your teacher without limitation. This personalized support gives you the peace of mind that you can always turn to your teacher when you need help.

No wasted money
You can always return to complete any missed lessons, which will retain their full value. You have the flexibility to access previous lessons and submit your homework at any time, and your teacher will review it promptly.

Meet our students

“I failed the JLPT twice and got really discouraged, however with this course, I was able to find my confidence in Japanese again!” 
Brian Robinson | The U.K.

"With five minutes a day left for me to study, I’m able to study in a productive manner. I learn so much."
Wingle Chin | Malaysia

Who is this best for?

- People taking JLPT
- People who may take JLPT
in the future
- People unable to continue their Japanese studies on their own
- People who want to study Japanese, but who are very busy
People who want professional support for the JLPT prep
- People who want to study Japanese systematically
- People who need help getting started
- People who want a manageable, but sure way to study Japanese
- People who are uncertain when studying Japanese on their own
- People too busy to attend Japanese language schools or to participate in real-time lessons, even online
- People who want to do a comprehensive review of JLPT before the exam
- People who want to utilize spare moments to study for the JLPT

What's included?

✔︎ Daily "Support" Emails
✔︎ Complete JLPT Grammar Course Videos
✔︎ JLPT Listening / Reading Practice Course Videos
✔︎ JLPT Grammar / Vocabulary / Kanji quiz
✔︎ Homework correction for each video lesson
✔︎ Support from a teacher

*All the contents are immediately available as soon as your application is accepted.

✔︎ Daily "Support" Emails

When you enroll in this course, you will receive a daily email from your teacher. The email will remind you what to study and in which order. It’s an organized way of learning; you just have to follow the instructions. Weekly and monthly summary emails will catch you up on any lessons you may have missed.

In the email, you will find:
• The study selection for the day, including videos, quizzes, etc., along with the corresponding links
• The homework assignment for the day

*If you study according to the daily support emails, you can expect to complete all the basic content of the course in six months (eight months for N2). All content is accessible immediately after enrollment, allowing you to control the pace of your learning.


✔︎ Complete JLPT Grammar Course Videos

The grammar video lessons cover all the grammar required at each JLPT level.
And grammar quizzes help you review.

✔︎ Listening / Reading Practice Course Videos

The following 20 videos are highly focused in the listening / reading sections of the JLPT and give you plenty of examples to test your skills. 

✔︎ Grammar / Vocabulary / Kanji quiz

Over 300 vocabulary/kanji quizzes are included in each level.
It comes with read-aloud, explanations.
You will study the vocabulary and kanji repetitively, again and again.

✔︎ Homework correction for each video lesson

✔︎ Support from a teacher

All video lessons include homework so you can practice what you learn.
A Japanese teacher will correct it and explains the mistakes.
You won't be left on your own when you encounter things you can't understand. 

This isn't all – there's more to come!

✔︎ Reference E-book
✔︎ Worksheets
✔︎ Vocabulary / Kanji List, Digital Flashcards
✔︎ Mock Test 
✔︎ Practice Questions Videos
✔︎ Course Certificate

*All contents are immediately available as soon as your application is accepted. Additionally, there is no need to return the PDF materials should you decide to cancel your course.

✔︎ Reference E-book 

The reference book is a compilation of slides from the video lessons.
It will help you to review in your spare time. 

✔︎ JLPT Worksheets

These questions will cover all the material studied.
You can print them out and carry them around with you to study on your own. 

✔︎ Vocabulary / Kanji List PDF 

✔︎Digital Flashcards

The vocabulary / kanji required for each level is listed in Japanese alphabetical order.
It's very useful when you come across a word you don't understand in a video lesson or when you are doing your homework. 

Digital Flashcards

Gain exclusive access to digital flashcards created by Chika Sensei on Quizlet, a platform with a scientific basis. The vocabulary for the JLPT is vast. Transform your daily spare moments into enjoyable vocabulary learning time. This is accessible for a lifetime.

✔︎ JLPT Mock Test 

Get ready for test day with this Mock Test.
This Mock Test contains almost the same number of questions as an actual test. It will help you feel confident, and prepared to do your best!

✔︎ Practice Questions Videos

You can watch over 100 of Chika Sensei's short videos for each level as your additional lessons.
Use these to study when you have extra time.
Chika Sensei uploads new videos frequently!

✔︎ Course Certificate

When you complete all lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion. 
Additionally, you will receive complimentary access to the Regular Intensive Lecture Series with Chika Sensei. This series is perfect for JLPT review, as Chika Sensei thoroughly explains grammar and vocabulary usage that Japanese learners often find challenging. Available for viewing on any device, anytime!


(Until April 30)

By enrolling in the JLPT All-In-One course today, you can receive the new material for “The complete guide to Conditionals と/たら/ば/なら” as a special bonus!

With this complete guide, avoiding conditional expressions mishaps is made simple.

This exclusive bonus is only available until April 30th.

What makes our course different from other Japanese learning services?

Japanese learners face a difficult decision when selecting a method of study.
Traditional classrooms, schools, and private lessons guarantee access to a professional teacher, however, it can be difficult to adjust with a busy schedule.
Language learning applications are often the most convenient option, but typically do not include access to a professional teacher.
Our course offers the best of both worlds: students can take lessons and do homework anywhere, anytime, and they receive feedback from a teacher with 20 years of Japanese teaching experience.
"With her guidance I feel confident and motivated."

I cannot recommend this course enough. Chika Sensei’s teaching method and well curated curriculum perfectly fit in busy schedules, and ensures that you build your Japanese language skills incrementally and consistently. I make a lot of mistakes but she always corrects them very kindly, and even my sentences make no sense, she understands what I was trying to say. With her guidance I feel confident and motivated. Thank you sensei!

-onur uyar | The Netherlands

"Love the classes with Chika sensei."

I have joined the class during in the pandemic started from 2021. I am so happy learning the Japanese from online class, I can study the Japanese anywhere and anytime, it is very convenience for me, wherever I am. Chika sensei gave us many idea for studying the Japanese class when I email her to ask her the question. She is very kind and nice to everyone. In the N4, she will provide us the extra materials in some of the lessons, and she will remind us using te-form and ta-form.

Even now, I always confuse the が、に、or etc, she always correct our sentences. Love the classes with Chika sensei.

-Natalie Chan | Hong Kong

"I highly recommend this for people like me who have a hard time sticking with it."

This course is the best!

I have a lot of JLPT textbooks and video lessons. But after the first week, I always get tired of it and quit. Also, my work hours are irregular so I don't have time to go to language class.

Actually, I was worried that the amount of JLPT study each day was too small, but I realized that it was just the right amount for me to keep going.

There's no point if you don't keep it up!

You can do these lessons anytime, when you are waiting for the train or the bus, when you're making coffee, before going to bed, etc., anyone can do it.

Occasionally I will skip a few days, but then I just spend a little more time catching up. 

I highly recommend this for people like me who have a hard time sticking with it. 

-Dahye | Korea


The N5 Course: $59 USD x 6 months
The N4 Course: $59 USD x 6 months
The N3 Course: $69 USD x 6 months
The N2 Course: $69 USD x 8 months
The N1 Course: $79/month (Different curriculum)

*Prices are in USD and do not include Tax.

Paying in installments allows you to study systematically without feeling a financial burden.

All the contents are immediately available as soon as your application is accepted, after completing all installments, you will have access to the course programs indefinitely. 

For about $2 USD a day, you can be sure you'll learn all the skills necessary to pass the JLPT.
And you even have a teacher that you can communicate with every day.

Instead of buying a drink each day, isn't it better to invest in your Japanese skills?

The "JLPT All-in-One Course" is a set course of 5 different JLPT subjects provided by Chika Sensei's Japanese Academy to prepare you for the JLPT exam.

You not only save up to $151 USD by taking this “set-of-5” course instead of each subject separately, but also receive daily emails to help you to complete your studies, as well as homework assignments and corrections from your teacher (for 180-240 lessons!) that will help you hone in on your weaknesses.

Additionally, you get access to Chika Sensei's intensive lecture series, valued at $19/month, at no extra charge.

If it’s not what you expect, you can cancel at any time.
If you cancel, you won't need to return the downloaded materials.

* It also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. This allows plenty of time for you to try it out.

"I can study anytime and anywhere with Chika Sense’s simple English and Japanese explanations.”
Betul Susam | Turkey

"I can't spend a lot of time studying at one time, so I thought this course would be perfect for me, and it was."
Lim Yan Soon | Singapore

Money-back Guarantee

"I want to try, but what if it doesn't work for me ..."

No need to worry.

Within 14 days of your application, you can send an email requesting withdrawal, and the tuition fee will be refunded.

So, if you are interested, feel free to give it a try.

* Even if you withdraw, you won't need to return the PDF materials such as the reference e-book, workbook, and vocabulary list! 

Try our course risk-free.

Which Level is Best for Me?

Download the PDF below to check the grammar you already know (or have mastered).
The level with many blank checkboxes will be the right one for you.

>>Download N5 Grammar List
>>Download N4 Grammar List
>>Download N3 Grammar List
>>Download N2 Grammar List
>>Download N1 Grammar List

You can also check the detailed contents by going to the page of each course.

Select Your Level


JLPT N5 Course

Beginner Level

Let's get started!
"I want to be able to read hiragana, katakana, and simple kanji."
"I want to learn basic Japanese."
If that is the case for you, N5 is the right level for you!


JLPT N4 Course

Elementary Level

"I know the basics, but I'm still not good at complex sentences. I want to understand everyday conversation."
If that is the case for you, N4 is the right level for you!


JLPT N3 Course

Intermediate Level

"I want to move up a level, from beginner to intermediate. I want to be able to express my opinion in Japanese."
"I want qualifications so I can work or study in Japan."
If that is the case for you, N3 is the right level for you!


JLPT N2 Course

Pre-Advanced Level

"I want to participate in in-depth conversations."
"I am considering using Japanese at my job"
"I want to prove to Japanese employers or customers I can communicate in Japanese."
If that is the case for you, N2 is the right level for you!


JLPT N1 Course

Advanced Level

"My goal is to achieve Japanese proficiency comparable to a native speaker"
"I want to speak almost as well as a native and have no trouble understanding Japanese on any topic."
If that is the case for you, N1(Advanced)
is the right level for you!



Konnichiwa! I'm Chika Sensei.

I have been teaching Japanese in schools and universities since 2002.
In 2019, I decided to take my knowledge and experience and create Chika Sensei's Japanese Academy to help Japanese language learners, just like you, from all over the world improve their Japanese skills. 
The Academy quickly became my full-time business, and I've now helped over 1,000 students in my paid courses. 
I seriously love spending my days supporting my students!

Studying by yourself can be very difficult; it's hard to identify weak areas and fix mistakes on your own.
By taking this course, you won't have those problems because I'll be there to help you.
I hope you enjoy the course and pass the JLPT successfully.

Chika Sensei Profile

  • Native Japanese, born and raised in Japan
  • Master's Degree in Japanese Language Education(2011)
  • Certified in the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test(2002)
  • 20 years of experience in Japanese language teaching (2002-)
  • Completed numerous researches in the Japanese Language studies
  • Publication in Japanese Language Studies
  • Teaching experience abroad including in Korea and Taiwan
  • Over 100K followers on Instagram (@chika_sensei)


Q. How much will the teacher actually help me?

The comment section to ask the teacher a question is open 24 hours / day for all lessons.

The lessons also come with homework to check your comprehension, if you submit your homework, the teacher will reply with corrections by the next day.

As an experienced professional in Japanese language education, Chika Sensei can break down the Japanese grammar and point out mistakes, explaining the structure and nuances of Japanese in an easy-to-understand way.

You will not get the sort of answer a regular Japanese person would give.

If you ask something, you can be sure you will always get a helpful response from the teacher.

If you struggle with something, don't hesitate to ask your teacher for help each and every time.

Q.Does this course guarantee I will pass the JLPT?

This course is designed so that if you study everything in the course, you will pass successfully.

Additionally, the mock test helps you to spot and overcome any weak points.

So, first of all, you can take the mock test.

It explains the percentages you need to pass, and allows you to compare your results and find in which subjects you need to improve.

Then you can work on those subjects specifically by reviewing the lessons that deal with those points.

If you are still not sure what you need to do after the mock test, you can talk to your teacher about the mock test results.

Then your teacher can help you focus on which lessons you need to study more carefully.

This method is very effective for pre-exam preparation.

Q. How do I pay?

We accept credit and debit cards. You can also pay by PayPal.

Q. Can I pay in Japanese yen?

Yes, you can.

If you prefer to pay for courses in Japanese yen, click here.

Q. When does the course start?

It starts from the day you apply. Whenever you are ready, let's get started. 

Q. If I don't want to take the JLPT exam, can I still take the course?

Of course! Anyone who is interested in studying Japanese can take this course. 

Q. From the beginning, will I be able to access everything included?

Yes, you can access all course contents from the beginning.

Q. Can I still access the program after completing the course?

Upon completing the payment plan, you will gain lifetime access to the courses. For those who opt for the one-time payment, lifetime access is granted from the start.

Q. Can I stop part-way through?

Yes, you can cancel at any time from your account page.

Q. Do you charge VAT tax?

Please note that VAT charges depend on your country of residence. I am legally required to collect this and remit it to the authorities, and I have no control over it.

Q. Can I get a refund if I quit?

There's a money-back guarantee within 14 days of the first day of attendance. Please note that refunds won't be made automatically. Within 14 days of a refund please request it via email.

Q. What if I have any problems or questions during the course?

You can contact me anytime using the comments section of the course program or by email. 

Our Happy Students!

"I skip much less than when I was studying on my own."

I'm not going to take the JLPT right away, but I started this course to prepare for the future.

Although the course is designed for the JLPT exam, it's also great for learning Japanese from the basics. (I'm studying N5)

It's like learning basic Japanese from a language class, but without the pressure of going to school.

There are also videos for listening and vocabulary quizzes, these are interesting and change every day. When I get the email from my teacher, it’s like a reminder to start class, so I skip much less than when I was studying on my own.

I was just studying sort of gradually, as a hobby, but now I've gained a lot of confidence and I'm thinking of taking the next JLPT.

-Cyrus | USA

"I can do it with my pc or cellphone anywhere, anytime without pressure."

I enroll in this lesson to further understand Japanese grammar and kanji. I can do it with my pc or cellphone anywhere, anytime without pressure.

Chika sensei was not only kind but approachable and easy to communicate with. She explains well and answers all questions you ask.

This is an exciting experience for me.^-^

-Mylene | Philippines

"My Japanese has significantly improved after only one month."

The lessons and exercises are in manageable pace and Chika sensei herself is very attentive! My Japanese has significantly improved after only one month. I would recommend anyone to take her lessons :)

-Pin Pin Tea-makorn | Thailand