The "JLPT Course All-in-One" is a 6-month teacher-supported, full-study course that you can access anywhere, anytime, on any PC or smartphone / device.

Making the best use of online learning which can be done anytime, this course eliminates the difficulties of studying alone.

Courses are available for N5, N4 and N3.

This All-in-One course includes 5 courses with purchase;

• Complete JLPT Grammar Course
• JLPT Listening / Reading Practice Course
• JLPT Practice Question Course
• JLPT Mock Test
• JLPT Learning Package



Who is this best for?

• People taking JLPT
• People who may take JLPT in the future
• People unable to continue their Japanese studies on their own
• People who want to study Japanese, but who are very busy
• People who want professional support
• People who want to study Japanese systematically
• People who need help getting started
• People who want a manageable, but sure way to study Japanese
• People who are uncertain when studying on their own
• People who want to speak correct Japanese 

What's Included?

This JLPT course includes the following: 
(Corresponding to each level)

✔︎ Daily emails to support learning (for 180 days)
✔︎ Complete JLPT Grammar Course Videos
✔︎ Listening / Reading Practice Course Videos
✔︎ Grammar / Vocabulary / Kanji quiz
✔︎ Homework correction for each video lesson
✔︎ Support from a teacher

This informative and comprehensive JLPT study course covers all JLPT subjects.

✔︎ Daily emails to support learning (for 180 days)

When you enroll in this course, you will receive a daily email from your teacher.

In the email, there will be:

• The study selection for the day (videos, quizzes, etc.) and the corresponding links
• The homework for the day 

✔︎ Complete JLPT Grammar Course Videos

Each level contains 90-100 video lessons to help you improve your Japanese grammar.
And 100 grammar quizzes are also included.

*The Complete JLPT Grammar Course all videos are included

✔︎ Listening / Reading Practice Course Videos

20 listening or reading practice videos in total are included.
The videos will come through emails 2 to 4 times a month. And gives you plenty of examples to test your skills.  

*The Listening / Reading Practice Course all videos are included

✔︎ Grammar / Vocabulary / Kanji quiz

JLPT each level quizzes will come through emails 2 to 4 times a month. 
Over 300 of the Complete JLPT Grammar Course and the JLPT Vocabulary / Kanji List Course all quizzes are included.

✔︎ Homework correction for each video lesson

✔︎ Support from a teacher

All video lessons include homework so you can practice what you learn.
A Japanese teacher will correct it and explains the mistakes.
You won't be left on your own when you encounter things you can't understand. 

Special Offers!

(Corresponding to each level) 

✔︎ Reference E-book
✔︎ JLPT Worksheets
✔︎ Vocabulary / Kanji List
✔︎ JLPT Mock Test
✔︎ Unlimited Viewing of "Practice Questions Course"
✔︎ Private Lesson with Chika Sensei
✔︎ Course Certificate

The special offers alone are worth the tuition fee!
(Some special offers are for a limited time only. Please apply as soon as possible.)

✔︎ Reference E-book 

The reference book is a compilation of slides from the video lessons.
It will help you to review in your spare time. 

✔︎ JLPT Worksheets

These questions will cover all the material studied.
You can print them out and carry them around with you to study on your own. 

✔︎ Vocabulary / Kanji List 

The vocabulary / kanji required for each level is listed in Japanese alphabetical order.
It's very useful when you come across a word you don't understand in a video lesson or when you are doing your homework. 

✔︎ JLPT Mock Test 

Get ready for test day with this Mock Test.
This Mock Test contains almost the same number of questions as an actual test. It will help you feel confident, and prepared to do your best!

✔︎ Unlimited Viewing of "Practice Questions Course"

You can watch the explanations and hear the pronunciation in these quick one question per one-minute animated videos (70 or more.)
Use these to study when you have a little more time. 

*The Practice Questions Course all videos are included

✔︎ Private Lesson with Chika Sensei

For those who have completed the first month, they will have a private lesson with the Japanese teacher Chika Sensei (30 mins).
You can book lessons whenever you need.
During this lesson you can enjoy putting to use the Japanese you have learned in this course!

✔︎ Course Certificate

When you complete all lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

How much does it cost?

The N5 and N4 courses are $59 USD / Month
The N3 Course is $69 USD / Month

* This is a per / month fee, paid each month for 6 months.

Paying in six installments allows you to study systematically without feeling a financial burden.

Every day for 6 months, I will send you an email with what you should study.

The "JLPT Course All-in-One" is a set course of 5 different JLPT subjects provided by Chika Sensei's Japanese Academy to prepare you for the JLPT exam.

You not only save $37 USD by taking this “set-of-5” course instead of each subject separately, but also receive daily emails to help you to complete your studies, as well as homework assignments and corrections from your teacher (for 180 lessons!) that will help you hone in on your weaknesses.

You will also receive a private lesson that is not generally available.

This informative and comprehensive JLPT study course covers all four necessary skills; reading, listening, writing and speaking.

* It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows plenty of time for you to try it out.

This course is the best!

I have a lot of JLPT textbooks and video lessons. But after the first week, I always get tired of it and quit. Also, my work hours are irregular so I don't have time to go to language class.

Actually, I was worried that the amount of JLPT study each day was too small, but I realized that it was just the right amount for me to keep going.

There's no point if you don't keep it up!

You can do these lessons anytime, when you are waiting for the train or the bus, when you're making coffee, before going to bed, etc., anyone can do it.

Occasionally I will skip a few days, but then I just spend a little more time catching up. 

I highly recommend this for people like me who have a hard time sticking with it. 



I'm not going to take the JLPT right away, but I started this course to prepare for the future.

Although the course is designed for the JLPT exam, it's also great for learning Japanese from the basics. (I'm studying N5)

It's like learning basic Japanese from a language class, but without the pressure of going to school.

There are also videos for listening and vocabulary quizzes, these are interesting and change every day. When I get the email from my teacher, it’s like a reminder to start class, so I skip much less than when I was studying on my own.

I was just studying sort of gradually, as a hobby, but now I've gained a lot of confidence and I'm thinking of taking the next JLPT.




Money-back Guarantee

"I want to try, but what if it doesn't work for me ..."

No need to worry.

Within 30 days of your application, you can send an email requesting withdrawal, and the tuition fee will be refunded.

So, if you are interested, feel free to give it a try.

* Even if you withdraw, you won't need to return the PDF materials such as the reference e-book, workbook, and vocabulary list! 

Which Level is Best for Me?

Download the PDF below to check the grammar you already know (or have mastered).
The level with many blank checkboxes will be the right one for you.

>>Download N5 Grammar List
>>Download N4 Grammar List
>>Download N3 Grammar List

You can also check the detailed contents by going to the page of each course.



JLPT N5 Course

Beginner Level

Let's get started!

"I want to be able to read hiragana, katakana, and simple kanji." "I want to learn basic Japanese."

Ok, then the N5 course is the place to start. 


JLPT N4 Course

Elementary Level

"I know the basics, but I'm still not good at complex sentences. I want to understand everyday conversation."

Ok, then the N4 course is for you.


JLPT N3 Course

Intermediate Level

"I want to move up a level, from beginner to intermediate. I want to be able to express my opinion in Japanese."
"I want qualifications so I can work or study in Japan."

Ok, then the N3 course is for you. 

Message from Chika Sensei 


Konnichiwa! I'm Chika Sensei.

Studying by yourself can be very difficult, it's hard on your own to identify weak areas and fix mistakes. Taking this course, you won't have those problems because I'll be there to help you.

Enjoy the convenience of studying anytime, anywhere, while benefiting from the support and encouragement of a real teacher by your side.

Comprehensive study of Japanese to help you become a confident, balanced Japanese speaker.


Q. How much will the teacher actually help me?

The comment section to ask the teacher a question is open 24 hours / day for all lessons.

The lessons also come with homework to check your comprehension, if you submit your homework, the teacher will reply with corrections by the next day.

For a sample of a teacher's response, click here.

As an experienced professional in Japanese language education, Chika Sensei can break down the Japanese grammar and point out mistakes, explaining the structure and nuances of Japanese in an easy-to-understand way.

You will not get the sort of answer a regular Japanese person would give.

If you ask something, you can be sure you will always get a helpful response from the teacher.

You can also use the private lesson that comes with the course to meet your teacher for a personal consultation.

If you struggle with something, don't hesitate to ask your teacher for help each and every time.

Q.Does this course guarantee I will pass the JLPT?

This course is designed so that if you study everything in the course, you will pass successfully.

Additionally, the mock test helps you to spot and overcome any weak points.

So, first of all, you can take the mock test.

It explains the percentages you need to pass, and allows you to compare your results and find in which subjects you need to improve.

Then you can work on those subjects specifically by reviewing the lessons that deal with those points.

If you are still not sure what you need to do after the mock test, you can talk to your teacher about the mock test results.

Then your teacher can help you focus on which lessons you need to study more carefully.

This method is very effective for pre-exam preparation.

Q.There's less than 6 months before the next JLPT exam. Will that be enough time?

Yes, it could be because you don't have to wait for the emails.

All the contents are immediately available as soon as your application is accepted, so you can study at whatever speed is best for you. (The private lesson can be booked from the second month)

If you have a problem, you can ask your teacher right away.

Questions are answered immediately and homework is corrected immediately in any lesson, regardless of the progress of your support emails.

However, payment is required for all 6 months, no matter quickly you progress.

Q.How do I pay?

We accept credit and debit cards.

You can also pay by PayPal.

If you would like to pay by PayPal, please contact us by email first.

Q. When does the course start?

It starts from the day you apply. Whenever you are ready, let's get started. 

Q. If I don't want to take the JLPT exam, can I still take the course?

Of course! Anyone who is interested in studying Japanese can take this course. 

Q. I don't have time to study every day, is that okay?

It's ok! the amount of study is 10 minutes a day.

That means, even if you can't study every day, if you can spend 30 minutes every 3 days, or 70 minutes a week, and it will be enough. 

Q. What if I want to study more than that?

The video lessons, homework, reference e-book, worksheetsand vocabulary / kanji list and mock test will all continue to be available once you have seen them.

The daily email is to support your daily study, but you don't have to follow it, you can study as much as you like. 

Q. From the beginning, will I be able to access everything included?

The JLPT private lesson with the teacher will only be available from 2nd month of the 6-month course. 

Everything else can be accessed from the beginning. 

Q. What if I have any problems or questions during the course?

You can contact me anytime using the comments section of the course program or by email. 

Q. Can I still access the program after completing the course?

Yes, those who have completed all the 6-month courses will have access to the course programs indefinitely. 

Q. Can I withdraw in the middle of the course?

Yes, you can withdraw at any time.

If you withdraw, you won't need to pay from the following month. (If you are in the second month or later, the payment for the current month will not be refunded.)

However, you will no longer be able to access the course program. (PDF materials that you have already been downloaded don't need to be returned.)