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  Often confused particles(間違いやすい助詞)
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Lesson Content

72-minute video lesson
22-page lesson material PDF

・Difference between [place]に and [place]で

・Difference between [time]に and [time]×(no particle)

・Difference between [place]を and [place]で

・を / が + verb potential-form

・は / が as a comparison

・Difference between から and で as a material

・Today's Review

*The students received the prep material in advance.

Student's Feedback


-Rachel Carr (N4 course student)





-Jenny Wong (N3 course student)

Thanks for teaching us the japanese particles in the special lesson.

-Natalie Chan (N4 course student)



-Pin Pin Tea-makorn (N4 course student)


-John-Paul O'Keeffe (N2 course student)

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