Would you like a course that teaches all three kinds of Japanese writing at once? 

Your study of Japanese will be much easier if you remember some Japanese characters. 

Before you study...

Let me briefly explain the Japanese characters.
There are three types of characters in Japanese

「にほんご」"nihongo" in hiragana
Hiragana is the most basic of the Japanese character systems, with a total of 46 letters. 

「ニホンゴ」"nihongo" in katakana
Katakana is used to write words from foreign languages.
It looks simpler than hiragana and is a little more pointy in shape.

Kanji (Chinese characters)
「日本語」"nihongo" in kanji
In Japanese, the word stem for nouns, adjectives, and verbs are mostly written with kanji.
Japanese has simple pronunciation and many homonyms, so kanji actually make it easier to read and understand than just using hiragana. 

If you enroll in the JLPT N5 All-in-One course today, you will receive all Hiragana, Katakana, 108 Basic Kanji practice videos and worksheets!

You will learn the all basic Japanese characters, Hiragana, Katakana, and basic 108 Kanji in the course.

You will get...

Hiragana Katakana exercise book(39 pages PDF)

Hiragana Practice Videos
-Similar Hiragana
-Voiced Sounds
-Half-Voiced Sounds
-Double consonants
-Long Vowels

Katakana Practice Videos
-Similar Katakana
-Voiced Sounds
-Half-Voiced Sounds
-Long Vowels

108 Basic Kanji exercise book (23 pages PDF)

Kanji Practice Videos
1. Number
2. Calendar
3. Person, Body
4. Nature
5. Place
6. Adjective 1
7. Verb 1
8. School
9. Verb2-
10. Adjective 2
11. Time
12. Town



I'm Chika Sensei
You want to study Japanese, but do the writing systems look overwhelming? 
The three types of characters used in Japanese are: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.
Looking at these unique characters, do you feel "It looks so hard! I'll never be able to remember them!”?
Don't worry!
When you first start, just looking at the characters will make you feel anxious.
But once you get used to them a little, they become really simple.
Japanese grammar and pronunciation are not so hard, so once you remember the characters, learning becomes much easier.
With my support, you won't get lost or left behind in the bewildering forest of Japanese characters.

What is the JLPT N5?

JLPT is a diploma administered by the Japan Foundation which is recognized worldwide.

N5 level is the first stage of the JLPT.

Complete beginners start here after studying the characters.

This level will allow the student to discover the foundation of the language such as conjugations, auxiliaries, numbers, etc.

They will also learn how to form simple sentences about personal topics such as one's family, and how to start interacting with others by asking and answering simple questions.

You begin your Japanese language journey here!